If you are facing any type of international criminal charges, it is essential to find a defense attorney with experience handling international criminal cases. The United States has many Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties that allow the U.S. Department of Justice to request assistance from the prosecution authorities in other countries. Defense counsel can cooperate with each other in the same way. If you are accused of a crime and prosecuted by a criminal justice agency outside the US, call our firm. You should expect US-based criminal justice agencies to assist in the prosecution of your case.

The right international criminal defense attorney will make an incredible difference in the outcome of your international criminal case. If you need legal representation for an international criminal matter, consider the following as you narrow your list of potential legal representatives.

International Criminal Defense Experience

Perhaps the most critical factor to consider when you need a defense attorney for an international criminal case is practical experience with international criminal law. Laws vary widely between countries, and it’s not uncommon for people facing international criminal charges from other countries to face prosecution from US authorities as well. Be sure to verify your international criminal defense attorney has solid experience handling criminal cases on an international scale. While many criminal defense attorneys are offering legal counsel in the US, very few have professional experience outside of US laws.

Your international criminal matter may involve one or more other countries, each with their own laws and unique procedures for pursuing international criminal cases and coordinating with United States-based criminal justice agencies and law enforcement organizations. Verify your international criminal defense attorney has handled cases concerning the country or countries involved in your current case.

Their specific experience with these countries’ laws can be invaluable to your case. Additionally, make sure your attorney has handled cases over similar charges to the ones you face when assessing a potential international criminal defense attorney’s suitability to represent your case. For example, if you face white-collar criminal charges on an international scale, make sure you choose a defense attorney with experience handling white-collar crime cases.

Accessibility and Responsiveness

Facing any type of legal matter can be stressful, and you should hire an international criminal defense attorney who can provide you with timely and consistent updates about your case on a schedule that works for you. Find an attorney who clearly tells you exactly how and when you can get in touch with them, how often you can expect updates about your international criminal case, and an overall timeline of how long the attorney expects your criminal defense proceedings to last.

It’s also a good idea to find out how large the attorney’s caseload is at any given time. While it is not uncommon for attorneys to manage several cases at once, they must ensure each of their clients receives appropriate attention. Ask a potential international criminal defense attorney how easy it will be for you to get in touch with them about your case and how much time they plan to invest in your case in the days and weeks ahead. This can also give you an idea of how much their services will cost.

Billing for Legal Services

Legal counsel is notoriously expensive, and any international defense attorney has the right to charge whatever they believe to be reasonable for their legal counsel. Ask a potential attorney how they bill their time, how long they expect to spend working on your case, and an overall idea of how much your case will cost to represent. While anyone convicted of a crime in the US has the option to choose a public defender as their legal counsel free of charge, be cautious before deciding. A private defense attorney can typically provide more comprehensive and individualized legal representation to a client facing international criminal charges.

Other Questions to Consider

Every international criminal case is different, and you should choose an attorney who can provide an honest and realistic interpretation of the legal matters you currently face. There are many possible questions you can ask a potential attorney, so take time to develop a detailed list of questions about your specific case and see what you make of the attorney’s answers. It is typically best to choose the international criminal defense attorney who inspires you with confidence about your legal position, provides clear and succinct answers to your questions, and offers understandable and measured interpretations of the legal situations you currently face.

If you need to discuss international criminal defense representation in Washington, DC, contact Attorney Dennis Boyle today and schedule a case review with our team. We can review your situation, identify the international parties likely to play roles in your legal proceedings, and explain what legal services you can expect from our firm.

Dennis Boyle
Founder / Partner

Mr. Dennis Boyle is an accomplished white-collar criminal defense and complex civil litigation attorney who practices throughout the United States and internationally.

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