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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I call a white-collar defense attorney?

As soon as the person or company becomes aware of an issue; however, there are three events that signal the need to counsel immediately. The first is the execution of a search warrant. The second is a “visit” by a federal agent. The same rule applies to an agent who simply shows up and wants to see some documents. The third is when a company or company employee receives a grand jury subpoena. All materials turned over to the government should be reviewed by counsel before they are turned over to the government.

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We price our services for white-collar criminal defense in two ways, by the hour and on a “flat fee”. At the time we are engaged to represent a client, we will discuss our hourly rates and may estimate the total cost, if possible. Often and where possible, we may quote a “flat fee” to cover all our representation through the entire matter. White-collar cases, however, are complex, and different. There is no standard or usual fee.

Yes. “Internal Investigations” are investigations undertaken by law firms hired by a company to investigate allegations of wrongdoing within the company. Although these attorneys may appear to be defense attorneys, they are actually the company’s attorneys, not yours. The attorneys conducting the internal investigation are more analogous to prosecutors than defense counsel, and anyone being questioned by anyone working for the company needs his or her own attorney to represent their own interest and provide them with accurate, unbiased information.