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Dennis Boyle

Founder / Partner

Mr. Dennis Boyle is an accomplished white-collar criminal defense, complex civil litigation attorney, and author of Understanding Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud (available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble). He practices throughout the United States and internationally. Prior to founding Boyle & Jasari, he worked as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, a First Assistant District Attorney, and served as a Navy Judge Advocate and a Partner in an AmLaw 100 law firm.

After serving for more than a decade as a prosecutor, he became a criminal and white-collar criminal defense counsel working as a partner in several of the nation’s largest and most prestigious law firms. He has tried over 200 jury trials to verdict in state and federal courts throughout the United States.

Dennis Boyle has defended cases involving allegations of Securities Fraud, Banking Fraud, Money Laundering, Tax Fraud and Evasion, Health Care Fraud, Medicare Fraud, Wire Fraud and Mail Fraud as well as violations of Espionage statutes and other serious crimes like Narcotics Distribution and even murder. He lectures frequently at national and international venues on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Bank Secrecy Act, International Emergency Economic Powers Act (Sanctions) and Anti-Money Laundering.

“There are rarely second chances or “do-overs” in criminal law. I understand this, and I am prepared to put all of my skill, experience and expertise into every case I take.”

White collar criminal cases, like other serious cases, are life-altering. One accused of a crime stands to lose his or her reputation, wealth, and, frequently, his or her freedom. There are rarely second chances or “do overs” in criminal law.

Mr. Boyle understands this and is prepared to put all of his skill, experience and expertise into every case he takes. This starts with listening to and understanding the client and continues through the factual development of the case, the interview of witnesses, the retention of investigators and experts, etc. Cases are normally won or lost before trial, and, in many cases, a thorough investigation can persuade state of federal prosecutors to dismiss a case. However, if the case must proceed to trial, it is best to have an attorney who has been there before, and few criminal defense attorneys have been there as often as Mr. Boyle.

In addition to his extensive white collar criminal law experience, Mr. Dennis Boyle has also litigated multiple complex civil matters both in courts and before arbitration panels. He is a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitrator and regularly represents investors in securities arbitrations before FINRA arbitration panels. FINRA is the agency that oversees investment disputes between investors and brokers and investment advisors. Mr. Boyle has won a number of landmark cases in the areas of commercial litigation, civil procedure, constitutional law and professional negligence.